As an example, please find the program of a 6-day trip at the bottom of this page. This well balanced trip is based on 4 guests, a total of 9 hours of padel coaching during weekdays, in the period February-March. The price for this trip is 475 Euro pp, including padel coaching, 2 intercambios and a (shared) hotel room with extensive breakfast buffet. If you want to have classes with fewer people, or want to come during the weekend or outside winter months, prices will be higher. Please contact us in these cases, and we will make a customized quote.  

The padel classes are given by the Spanish coaches of Top padel school Prodigy. The program includes both technical and tactical classes. In the lower instruction video on the right you see a Prodigy coach explaining two padel strokes. All videos of the associated YouTube channel have English subtitles. However, during you trip the Spanish coaches will teach in English.

NB If a class is canceled due to rain, the local coordinator will try to find an alternative time slot. If this is not possible, the class will need to be canceled, but you will receive a refund of your paid tuition. 

The above trip can be fully customized in terms of accommodation, number of (individual) training sessions and intercambios (for explanation see below). Options that can additionally be booked are extra (individual) training sessions or intercambios, and a 1-person hotel room supplement. NB flights to Malaga vv are not provided by us.  


Padel matches (Intercambios)

As part of this example program, you will be assigned to two padel matches of 1.5 hours each with partly local players on two days (see top video). This is called “Intercambio” (exchange). You can find a detailed day to day program below under the heading Sample program from day to day. It is also possible (on Friday or Sunday) to participate in a coin toss. 

The padel park

The padel activities take place at the Villa Padierna Racquet Club. Here you have access to fourteen padel courts, two tennis courts and a shop with padel supplies. Last but not least, between the padel activities you can use the attractive restaurant with terrace. Here you can get drinks, sandwiches or a simple but complete meal. 


Example of a balanced program on a day to day basis:


  • 1. Arrival Malaga airport, transfer to accommodation.
  • 2. Morning: 1.5 hours technical training; afternoon: 1.5 hours tactical training
  • 3. Morning: 1.5 hours technical training; evening: 1.5 hours of competition
  • 4. Morning: 1.5 hours technical training, afternoon: 1.5 hours tactical training
  • 5. Morning: 1.5 hours of technical training; evening: 1.5 hours of competition.
  • 6. Transfer to Malaga airport, departure.

This program can be deviated from if necessary: ​​more or less classes, more competitions, etc.